Layout update and recording improvement

This week ends with some updates we have published over the course of the last days:

  • Modern layout of the homepage: I am not a strong believer in layout coolness. The stuff has to be clear and easy to understand first – then design comes in… at least in my mind. But since a lot of people around me said the old orange layout looked outdated, I have updated it to a fresh flat design.
  • New release with better scrolling: that bug really haunted me during the last updates and I was not sure, where it was caused: during recordings, the scrolling did not work very good. Under Windows it did not scroll at all, most of the times. Now I found the cause and removed that bug.
  • Zonion updates: I have also updated the smaller release of PersonaTool – called for those, who just want proxy, nothing else…

Further updates will follow in the next days!

New Proxy and Persona Tool: Version 2.6 is out!

We have just release Version 2.6 for Mac and Windows. This release includes a new Sharing Button at the top navigation bar, so you have easy access to all your favorite social networks.

That functionality works “per Persona” – meaning: if you are logged in with Twitter or Facebook with a specific account “PersonaA” in one profile, you share and post with that login for the active persona. You can run multiple Personas and share under different accounts per PersonaTool window.

The sharing also happens via the configured proxy.

We have also included our partners in the tools section and you will find links to the best SEO tools, who support us in promoting and distributing the software.

Get your latest version here. As always: if you have created Personas with previous versions, copy the “ids/” folder away before you update. After installation, copy it back.

Using a Proxy: PhantomJS with PersonaTool Business

If you have to automate some PhantomJS jobs and want to use PersonaTool Proxies: That is easy!

First of all: you will need a valid PersonaTool account to do the scripting and then it goes like this…

Activate a proxy with your PersonaTool account. You will need the crypted password from your sessions.json file in the PersonaTool directory: it is part of the JSON values and can be found for “pw”:…

Proxy Session File

On the shell, you have to activate the proxy with a call to the REST interface like this, once you have the value (please note, the values for password and the proxy IP have been changed to fantasy values):

wget ";"

where the “l=” value comes as a URL encoded value set like:

encodeURIComponent('{"login":"'+ userSession.login +'","pw":"'+ +'"}');

and the “p=” value is the country and the IP of the PersonaTool proxy you want to activate.

The answer from the REST call should be “RULES LOADED”, once successful.

Use the proxy with PhantomJS like this:

phantomjs --proxy= --proxy-type=socks5 somescript.js

which should then call your script with the right proxy settings.

This way you can easily create a cronjob that checks specific settings via our proxies!