New Version with New Features and new Spanish Proxy

We have just (May 11th) uploaded a new release of PersonaTool. This new release includes the free setting of a proxy configuration, according to the standards of and you can use http proxies, socks proxies, etc.:

Proxy Setting

So you may use PersonaTool with other proxy settings, too!

Furthermore we have added one configuration option to allow the location setting be transmitted – if you do a local search on Google and want to make sure, the search engine “thinks” you are in Mexico City: that works now, as well:

local proxy location google search

Last but not least: there is a new proxy in Spain available for your maximum pleasure around the globe. We are now in 23 countries and counting! The new release carries the 3.1 version number and you can download it right away.

Gathering feedback for the May release

Hi folks! We are currently working on the new release of Personatool and wonder, what functionality you might want to see in the new release? Maybe things you have seen via Plug-Ins in other browsers.

The new release is planned for the mid of May, so let me know, what you need and want to see in the new version!