New Brazil Proxy

Folks, if you have saved profiles with the old Amazon proxy in Brazil: please select the new one, we have just updated the proxy list and added another machine via Azure – Amazon was getting too expensive for the computing instance!

Update – Now with improved Browser Automation on Win

I have just uploaded the new release 3.6.

This is a major step, including nwjs 19.2 – which comes with Chromium 55 and a dramatically increased speed in Javascript processing!

Our PersonaTool 3.6 release for Windows is now 64bit only and includes the latest RobotJS version to automate your browser steps on Windows as well.

Here is the promised video:

If you update, please backup your Persona configurations in your Application folder:

On Mac the persona configuration files are stored under


path on mac

and on Windows it is on the Program directory also under “app.nw/ids/”.

The Personas you created should be updated automatically in the system. Cookies, browser history, etc. should stay intact. Only your login information will be required again!

Download and check out the new versions!