PersonaTool 4.0 with residential IPs released

Folks, just a short heads up: I have just uploaded the latest release with additional 40 proxies.

residential IPs

These additional proxies are named COUNTRY-residential-XX and indicate, that the proxy is running on a residential IP number like Comcast, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, etc.

These IPs are especially useful, if you want to use the strict geo-blocking services in the entertainment area (like Netflix or Amazon Prime) from abroad.

It has to be said, that we do not allow Google to be used via these IPs, because we had fraud attempts on Google AdSense and scraping attacks via our proxies. So we filter that out and Google will ask you for a Captcha, if you use these IPs.

This release also brings the underlying Chrome to version 57 and has some improvements under the hood. Most importantly: we block the IP broadcasting of your local network via WebRTC, which is kind of an evil backdoor to your real IP.