Using a Proxy: PhantomJS with PersonaTool Business

If you have to automate some PhantomJS jobs and want to use PersonaTool Proxies: That is easy!

First of all: you will need a valid PersonaTool account to do the scripting and then it goes like this…

Activate a proxy with your PersonaTool account. You will need the crypted password from your sessions.json file in the PersonaTool directory: it is part of the JSON values and can be found for “pw”:…

Proxy Session File

On the shell, you have to activate the proxy with a call to the REST interface like this, once you have the value (please note, the values for password and the proxy IP have been changed to fantasy values):

wget ";"

where the “l=” value comes as a URL encoded value set like:

encodeURIComponent('{"login":"'+ userSession.login +'","pw":"'+ +'"}');

and the “p=” value is the country and the IP of the PersonaTool proxy you want to activate.

The answer from the REST call should be “RULES LOADED”, once successful.

Use the proxy with PhantomJS like this:

phantomjs --proxy= --proxy-type=socks5 somescript.js

which should then call your script with the right proxy settings.

This way you can easily create a cronjob that checks specific settings via our proxies!

Not an April Fools’ Day Joke: Browser Automation for Windows…

After a whole day in deep fights with the browser automation for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 I have just uploaded the new release of PersonaTool as version 2.4.1 – a major step into the right direction.

I have also found massive amounts of little bugs in the automation routines, which came over from the Mac system. Many keys and mouse movements were just working on OS X and that is now fixed, too!

There is also a minor update on the Mac version available. If you are a PersonaTool user: it is worth the update now!

If you have “Personas” created: please save them first away – just in case!

If you have a Windows version installed: please remove that installation before you install the new release!

Here are the new downloads


Using Chrome with our Web Proxy Network

As a PersonaTool user you are able to use the proxies we provide with your other network tools, if you need to. This feature is for developers and technical savvy people first, but the implementation is not too complicated:

  • We provide a network of SOCKS proxies
  • These proxies are blocking ALL IP numbers, unless you unlock your IP with PersonaTool
  • Once unlocked, you can use that specific IP for the time you use PersonaTool

That means: if you start PersonaTool and unlock a specific proxy, that proxy stays open for quiet some time for you:

For example, you activate proxy with the tool, you can then start your standard Chrome on Mac with this command:

open -a /Applications/Google\ –args –proxy-server=”socks5://″

which gives you the option to use other applications with your account as well. The same works on Windows 10 like this:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –proxy-server=”socks5://″

That works also for Firefox, IE, Putty, SSH, FTP clients, etc. Please note that you need an paid account, otherwise the proxy will kick you off after a while.

New Versions for Mac and Windows are online!

We have just uploaded the latest release of PersonaTool 2.2!

There is a difference between the Mac and the Windows version, that is relevant for developers:

Browser Automation Tools

On Mac you can now do some action recording of your clicks and inputs, which is in early Beta, but does already work in most parts. I am trying to get the Windows version up asap!

The Windows release of today is based on a new NWJS version (13.1) which is now very stable with more complex sites like Facebook.

See the new feature in action in this short video:

Both versions are better than before – especially the stability. So, come and grab your fix!

New Amsterdam Proxy Online

And we are back in Europe via – on popular demand I have just added one proxy machine in Amsterdam via If you restart your PersonaTool, you will now find 2 outlets in the Netherlands via 2 different providers. Please note the DigitalOcean machine is a IPv6 outlet and the AMS2 via is standard IPv4…

Proxy Amsterdam

The outlet is NOW in play – happy surfing!

We support Stripe as a payment method

Starting today, we are supporting as our preferred payment method and have just updated the pricing page to work to support that change:

Payment Buttons

You should see blue buttons under the various packages there. This change opens up an additional way of payments and you can either use Gumroad with Paypal or Stripe for credit cards directly.

Both platforms do have very easy subscription handling interfaces, so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your packages with us, if you ever want to.

New Release with new Chrome browser & proxy

Folks, Easter is jumping at us… only a few days to the end of March and time flies by. I have updated the PersonaTool version to Version 1.9 – probably the last release before we jump onto the final release, too.

This time, the Facebook bug was fixed. When you use an earlier version of PersonaTool and go to Facebook, it showed a darkened page that only disappeared after a few clicks.

That is solved now and the new version also features a new proxy in New York, that we establised 2 days ago. The Flash player is enabled by default, so be careful on those tracking infos, ok?

You may download the new version and install it OVER your existing version. But the first start in Windows fails, if you do it. The second start does not… very strange, but at least it works.

Try for free: Download the latest version.

Testing referrers with PersonaTool

When you create your pages on the fly and target specific visitors when they come from specific sources, it is very easy to create referrers with PersonaTool: make your visitor come from in Spanish? No problem!

In the top navigation bar of PersonaTool is a little button, that gives you the option to insert a link into the web page you are currently on:

referrer spoof

I went to and did that:

insert link

a request opens and asks for the destination URL. Once entered, you click the link that will appear on top of the page and you will see in the statistics that you have a visitor from NASA… like from outer space! So you can create dynamic pages for specific audiences and test them right away…


It is easy to combine that with different country IPs and languages, so you can test your pages for different audiences! Download your version today for free!

And we added another SOCKS5 proxy in New York

We have added one more outlet in New York for your US proxy needs! This proxy works on again.

Very fast, very nice and not obviously an ISP number on first glance to enjoy these american TV shows you like so much! Also note, that our IP numbers do change once in a while, when we reset the proxies. Then a new IP number is assigned and PersonaTool V1.81 does recognize that in your setting and updates it, too!