Update of the pricing model

We give up with the simple and plain unlimited model!

After we have been under heavy usage mode by scripting and abusive users, we had to upgrade our pricing and limitations. The residential IPs were an add-on for users, who want to watch a few episodes of shows they can not get in their country or to access information that is blocked otherwise by geo-fencing. Now these numbers have been heavily abused for surveys and spider activity (aka scraping) on a level that we lost a few hundred dollars last month.

That had to end and so it did today.

Sorry for that, but our network is for agencies and online marketing professionals, who need a stable and simple approach for their moderate activities. Heavy usage is something that costs heavy money.

We can help you in setting up a large scale network, but for the simple approach behind PersonaTool – these spikes in traffic were just too much!

New Brazil Proxy

Folks, if you have saved profiles with the old Amazon proxy in Brazil: please select the new one, we have just updated the proxy list and added another machine via Azure – Amazon was getting too expensive for the computing instance!

Using Chrome with our Web Proxy Network

As a PersonaTool user you are able to use the proxies we provide with your other network tools, if you need to. This feature is for developers and technical savvy people first, but the implementation is not too complicated:

  • We provide a network of SOCKS proxies
  • These proxies are blocking ALL IP numbers, unless you unlock your IP with PersonaTool
  • Once unlocked, you can use that specific IP for the time you use PersonaTool

That means: if you start PersonaTool and unlock a specific proxy, that proxy stays open for quiet some time for you:

For example, you activate proxy with the tool, you can then start your standard Chrome on Mac with this command:

open -a /Applications/Google\ Chrome.app –args –proxy-server=”socks5://″

which gives you the option to use other applications with your account as well. The same works on Windows 10 like this:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –proxy-server=”socks5://″

That works also for Firefox, IE, Putty, SSH, FTP clients, etc. Please note that you need an paid account, otherwise the proxy will kick you off after a while.

Testing referrers with PersonaTool

When you create your pages on the fly and target specific visitors when they come from specific sources, it is very easy to create referrers with PersonaTool: make your visitor come from nasa.gov in Spanish? No problem!

In the top navigation bar of PersonaTool is a little button, that gives you the option to insert a link into the web page you are currently on:

referrer spoof

I went to nasa.gov and did that:

insert link

a request opens and asks for the destination URL. Once entered, you click the link that will appear on top of the page and you will see in the statistics that you have a visitor from NASA… like from outer space! So you can create dynamic pages for specific audiences and test them right away…


It is easy to combine that with different country IPs and languages, so you can test your pages for different audiences! Download your version today for free!

And we added another SOCKS5 proxy in New York

We have added one more outlet in New York for your US proxy needs! This proxy works on ATLANTIC.net again.

Very fast, very nice and not obviously an ISP number on first glance to enjoy these american TV shows you like so much! Also note, that our IP numbers do change once in a while, when we reset the proxies. Then a new IP number is assigned and PersonaTool V1.81 does recognize that in your setting and updates it, too!

Sharing VPN (like HideMyAss) in your local network

We have just released Version 1.4 of PersonaTool. This release is a major step forward. It is based on the latest Chrome browser (V49) for March 2016 and we have cleaned up the code for 3rd party plugins. The first plugin we bring you is a local proxy for your home network.

That proxy for your home is not work working yet with our external proxy network, rather for sharing your VPN connection with devices in your home network.

how to proxy with HMA or VPN clients

Meaning: if you are already using tools like HMA or a VPN client for your company and you want to have that connection forwarded to your smartphone or tablet in your local WiFi, you can start the local proxy and enter that information in your smartphone:

The port is 3128:

Proxy on iPhone

and you use it like this to be able to look into Amazon Prime Video or Netflix offers via your smartphone in the US, for example. Download the latest version of PersonaTool and let us know, if you like it!


New Release with zendesk and optional Flash integration

And we have been busy over the past few days to bring you Version 1.2 of our PersonaTool browser release. It is based on the latest NWJS.io with a nice Chrome based browser in it and the full power of NodeJS.

This time we have added Flash as an option in the configuration, so you can enjoy Vimeo better. We have also added a zendesk button – the standard for support tickets. So you can grab that screenshot from Australia or Singapore and put it into the support line for developers (yes, Jira will follow)…

zendesk integration

So you may visualize, what is going on from which country on your website. Also new is the option to inject Javascript into guest pages to see, what URL is called within the guest browser. That is more for us geeks, but useful nonetheless!

Download the lastest 1.2 release for Mac and Win.