Our Proxy Tool 4.2 is live

PersonaTool 4.2 is ready for download. I have updated the underlying Chromium-Version to release 59 and the package comes with NodeJS 8.1 now! I have also improved the Automation Tool for Windows and implemented smaller bug fixes.

You can download the new version from the download page.


PersonaTool 4.0 with residential IPs released

Folks, just a short heads up: I have just uploaded the latest release with additional 40 proxies.

residential IPs

These additional proxies are named COUNTRY-residential-XX and indicate, that the proxy is running on a residential IP number like Comcast, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, etc.

These IPs are especially useful, if you want to use the strict geo-blocking services in the entertainment area (like Netflix or Amazon Prime) from abroad.

It has to be said, that we do not allow Google to be used via these IPs, because we had fraud attempts on Google AdSense and scraping attacks via our proxies. So we filter that out and Google will ask you for a Captcha, if you use these IPs.

This release also brings the underlying Chrome to version 57 and has some improvements under the hood. Most importantly: we block the IP broadcasting of your local network via WebRTC, which is kind of an evil backdoor to your real IP.

Update – Now with improved Browser Automation on Win

I have just uploaded the new release 3.6.

This is a major step, including nwjs 19.2 – which comes with Chromium 55 and a dramatically increased speed in Javascript processing!

Our PersonaTool 3.6 release for Windows is now 64bit only and includes the latest RobotJS version to automate your browser steps on Windows as well.

Here is the promised video:

If you update, please backup your Persona configurations in your Application folder:

On Mac the persona configuration files are stored under


path on mac

and on Windows it is on the Program directory also under “app.nw/ids/”.

The Personas you created should be updated automatically in the system. Cookies, browser history, etc. should stay intact. Only your login information will be required again!

Download and check out the new versions!


New Version with New Features and new Spanish Proxy

We have just (May 11th) uploaded a new release of PersonaTool. This new release includes the free setting of a proxy configuration, according to the standards of NWJS.io and you can use http proxies, socks proxies, etc.:

Proxy Setting

So you may use PersonaTool with other proxy settings, too!

Furthermore we have added one configuration option to allow the location setting be transmitted – if you do a local search on Google and want to make sure, the search engine “thinks” you are in Mexico City: that works now, as well:

local proxy location google search

Last but not least: there is a new proxy in Spain available for your maximum pleasure around the globe. We are now in 23 countries and counting! The new release carries the 3.1 version number and you can download it right away.

Layout update and recording improvement

This week ends with some updates we have published over the course of the last days:

  • Modern layout of the homepage: I am not a strong believer in layout coolness. The stuff has to be clear and easy to understand first – then design comes in… at least in my mind. But since a lot of people around me said the old orange layout looked outdated, I have updated it to a fresh flat design.
  • New release with better scrolling: that bug really haunted me during the last updates and I was not sure, where it was caused: during recordings, the scrolling did not work very good. Under Windows it did not scroll at all, most of the times. Now I found the cause and removed that bug.
  • Zonion updates: I have also updated the smaller release of PersonaTool – called Zonions.com for those, who just want proxy, nothing else…

Further updates will follow in the next days!

New Proxy and Persona Tool: Version 2.6 is out!

We have just release Version 2.6 for Mac and Windows. This release includes a new Sharing Button at the top navigation bar, so you have easy access to all your favorite social networks.

That functionality works “per Persona” – meaning: if you are logged in with Twitter or Facebook with a specific account “PersonaA” in one profile, you share and post with that login for the active persona. You can run multiple Personas and share under different accounts per PersonaTool window.

The sharing also happens via the configured proxy.

We have also included our partners in the tools section and you will find links to the best SEO tools, who support us in promoting and distributing the software.

Get your latest version here. As always: if you have created Personas with previous versions, copy the “ids/” folder away before you update. After installation, copy it back.

New Versions for Mac and Windows are online!

We have just uploaded the latest release of PersonaTool 2.2!

There is a difference between the Mac and the Windows version, that is relevant for developers:

Browser Automation Tools

On Mac you can now do some action recording of your clicks and inputs, which is in early Beta, but does already work in most parts. I am trying to get the Windows version up asap!

The Windows release of today is based on a new NWJS version (13.1) which is now very stable with more complex sites like Facebook.

See the new feature in action in this short video:

Both versions are better than before – especially the stability. So, come and grab your fix!

New Amsterdam Proxy Online

And we are back in Europe via VPS.net – on popular demand I have just added one proxy machine in Amsterdam via VPS.net. If you restart your PersonaTool, you will now find 2 outlets in the Netherlands via 2 different providers. Please note the DigitalOcean machine is a IPv6 outlet and the AMS2 via VPS.net is standard IPv4…

Proxy Amsterdam

The outlet is NOW in play – happy surfing!

New Release with new Chrome browser & proxy

Folks, Easter is jumping at us… only a few days to the end of March and time flies by. I have updated the PersonaTool version to Version 1.9 – probably the last release before we jump onto the final NWJS.io release, too.

This time, the Facebook bug was fixed. When you use an earlier version of PersonaTool and go to Facebook, it showed a darkened page that only disappeared after a few clicks.

That is solved now and the new version also features a new proxy in New York, that we establised 2 days ago. The Flash player is enabled by default, so be careful on those tracking infos, ok?

You may download the new version and install it OVER your existing version. But the first start in Windows fails, if you do it. The second start does not… very strange, but at least it works.

Try for free: Download the latest version.