Layout update and recording improvement

This week ends with some updates we have published over the course of the last days:

  • Modern layout of the homepage: I am not a strong believer in layout coolness. The stuff has to be clear and easy to understand first – then design comes in… at least in my mind. But since a lot of people around me said the old orange layout looked outdated, I have updated it to a fresh flat design.
  • New release with better scrolling: that bug really haunted me during the last updates and I was not sure, where it was caused: during recordings, the scrolling did not work very good. Under Windows it did not scroll at all, most of the times. Now I found the cause and removed that bug.
  • Zonion updates: I have also updated the smaller release of PersonaTool – called for those, who just want proxy, nothing else…

Further updates will follow in the next days!