New Proxy and Persona Tool: Version 2.6 is out!

We have just release Version 2.6 for Mac and Windows. This release includes a new Sharing Button at the top navigation bar, so you have easy access to all your favorite social networks.

That functionality works “per Persona” – meaning: if you are logged in with Twitter or Facebook with a specific account “PersonaA” in one profile, you share and post with that login for the active persona. You can run multiple Personas and share under different accounts per PersonaTool window.

The sharing also happens via the configured proxy.

We have also included our partners in the tools section and you will find links to the best SEO tools, who support us in promoting and distributing the software.

Get your latest version here. As always: if you have created Personas with previous versions, copy the “ids/” folder away before you update. After installation, copy it back.