New Release with new Chrome browser & proxy

Folks, Easter is jumping at us… only a few days to the end of March and time flies by. I have updated the PersonaTool version to Version 1.9 – probably the last release before we jump onto the final release, too.

This time, the Facebook bug was fixed. When you use an earlier version of PersonaTool and go to Facebook, it showed a darkened page that only disappeared after a few clicks.

That is solved now and the new version also features a new proxy in New York, that we establised 2 days ago. The Flash player is enabled by default, so be careful on those tracking infos, ok?

You may download the new version and install it OVER your existing version. But the first start in Windows fails, if you do it. The second start does not… very strange, but at least it works.

Try for free: Download the latest version.