New Release with zendesk and optional Flash integration

And we have been busy over the past few days to bring you Version 1.2 of our PersonaTool browser release. It is based on the latest with a nice Chrome based browser in it and the full power of NodeJS.

This time we have added Flash as an option in the configuration, so you can enjoy Vimeo better. We have also added a zendesk button – the standard for support tickets. So you can grab that screenshot from Australia or Singapore and put it into the support line for developers (yes, Jira will follow)…

zendesk integration

So you may visualize, what is going on from which country on your website. Also new is the option to inject Javascript into guest pages to see, what URL is called within the guest browser. That is more for us geeks, but useful nonetheless!

Download the lastest 1.2 release for Mac and Win.