We have just updated to V1.81

And with the latest release of NWJS.io and the contained Chrome browser, the Flash problems are solved! The buttons have been updated and you can enable Flash by default again.

Also tested:

  • MTV works
  • National Geographic works
  • History Channel works (Vikings anyone?)

That should be a major step into the right direction, please update your installations: Download V1.81

Enable Flash in your settings

Windows users should remove the old installation first with the uninstaller! Please backup your id/ folder to keep your Personas… Do also enable Flash in your settings, please!

Running Flash on Version 1.x works like…

With the update on the latest Chrome browser we do have a problem with the Flash plugin. It does work though:

running flash with personatool

You have to right-click on the grey plugin screen and select “Run This Plugin” from the pop-up menu. That is the same on Windows and Mac (right click is cmd+click). We hope to solve it in the next release…

Adopt a proxy special until the weekend!

adopt a proxy discount

It is really still very cold here and we can not wait for spring to start!

To get some heat into the servers, we decided to start a little special until the weekend: “1more” is the magical discount code.

If you sign up with that code, you get 50% off our standard pricing AND you can pick a new proxy server, named after your choosing (no adult or tacky stuff). Signing up with the discount works until Friday night and gives you 50% off here on either the Personal or the Business account.

Once you signed up, you can tell us your wishes of the location of the new proxy and what the name of it will be in the official list.

You may pick from Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Vultre.com, ATLANTIC.net and DigitalOcean for your very own new proxy. Please note that IPv6 is not available everywhere…


New 1.6 Release: works with MTV now…

The previous version was crashing on specific sites, because our integrated Chrome browser was not working right. Thanks for the bug reports, everyone! We have just uploaded a new version, the 1.6 release.

While we now have a Flash problem, which will be solved quickly – the browser is rock solid and stable. The 2 major sites not working right were National Geographic and MTV.com… that is stable now!

Get your new version under “downloads“…

Sharing VPN (like HideMyAss) in your local network

We have just released Version 1.4 of PersonaTool. This release is a major step forward. It is based on the latest Chrome browser (V49) for March 2016 and we have cleaned up the code for 3rd party plugins. The first plugin we bring you is a local proxy for your home network.

That proxy for your home is not work working yet with our external proxy network, rather for sharing your VPN connection with devices in your home network.

how to proxy with HMA or VPN clients

Meaning: if you are already using tools like HMA or a VPN client for your company and you want to have that connection forwarded to your smartphone or tablet in your local WiFi, you can start the local proxy and enter that information in your smartphone:

The port is 3128:

Proxy on iPhone

and you use it like this to be able to look into Amazon Prime Video or Netflix offers via your smartphone in the US, for example. Download the latest version of PersonaTool and let us know, if you like it!


New Release with zendesk and optional Flash integration

And we have been busy over the past few days to bring you Version 1.2 of our PersonaTool browser release. It is based on the latest NWJS.io with a nice Chrome based browser in it and the full power of NodeJS.

This time we have added Flash as an option in the configuration, so you can enjoy Vimeo better. We have also added a zendesk button – the standard for support tickets. So you can grab that screenshot from Australia or Singapore and put it into the support line for developers (yes, Jira will follow)…

zendesk integration

So you may visualize, what is going on from which country on your website. Also new is the option to inject Javascript into guest pages to see, what URL is called within the guest browser. That is more for us geeks, but useful nonetheless!

Download the lastest 1.2 release for Mac and Win.

URL field completion released

Todays update has some minor bugfixes, some cosmetics, new proxies and what I personally needed: an URL field that completes your typing, if you are not 100% what that URL was you have visted a few minutes ago… The last 60 URLs are kept in memory and searched for your keys while you type:

search your URL history

Works nicely on Windows and Mac and is helpful!