Sharing VPN (like HideMyAss) in your local network

We have just released Version 1.4 of PersonaTool. This release is a major step forward. It is based on the latest Chrome browser (V49) for March 2016 and we have cleaned up the code for 3rd party plugins. The first plugin we bring you is a local proxy for your home network.

That proxy for your home is not work working yet with our external proxy network, rather for sharing your VPN connection with devices in your home network.

how to proxy with HMA or VPN clients

Meaning: if you are already using tools like HMA or a VPN client for your company and you want to have that connection forwarded to your smartphone or tablet in your local WiFi, you can start the local proxy and enter that information in your smartphone:

The port is 3128:

Proxy on iPhone

and you use it like this to be able to look into Amazon Prime Video or Netflix offers via your smartphone in the US, for example. Download the latest version of PersonaTool and let us know, if you like it!