Adopt a proxy special until the weekend!

adopt a proxy discount

It is really still very cold here and we can not wait for spring to start!

To get some heat into the servers, we decided to start a little special until the weekend: “1more” is the magical discount code.

If you sign up with that code, you get 50% off our standard pricing AND you can pick a new proxy server, named after your choosing (no adult or tacky stuff). Signing up with the discount works until Friday night and gives you 50% off here on either the Personal or the Business account.

Once you signed up, you can tell us your wishes of the location of the new proxy and what the name of it will be in the official list.

You may pick from Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure,, and DigitalOcean for your very own new proxy. Please note that IPv6 is not available everywhere…