Testing referrers with PersonaTool

When you create your pages on the fly and target specific visitors when they come from specific sources, it is very easy to create referrers with PersonaTool: make your visitor come from nasa.gov in Spanish? No problem!

In the top navigation bar of PersonaTool is a little button, that gives you the option to insert a link into the web page you are currently on:

referrer spoof

I went to nasa.gov and did that:

insert link

a request opens and asks for the destination URL. Once entered, you click the link that will appear on top of the page and you will see in the statistics that you have a visitor from NASA… like from outer space! So you can create dynamic pages for specific audiences and test them right away…


It is easy to combine that with different country IPs and languages, so you can test your pages for different audiences! Download your version today for free!