Using Chrome with our Web Proxy Network

As a PersonaTool user you are able to use the proxies we provide with your other network tools, if you need to. This feature is for developers and technical savvy people first, but the implementation is not too complicated:

  • We provide a network of SOCKS proxies
  • These proxies are blocking ALL IP numbers, unless you unlock your IP with PersonaTool
  • Once unlocked, you can use that specific IP for the time you use PersonaTool

That means: if you start PersonaTool and unlock a specific proxy, that proxy stays open for quiet some time for you:

For example, you activate proxy with the tool, you can then start your standard Chrome on Mac with this command:

open -a /Applications/Google\ –args –proxy-server=”socks5://″

which gives you the option to use other applications with your account as well. The same works on Windows 10 like this:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –proxy-server=”socks5://″

That works also for Firefox, IE, Putty, SSH, FTP clients, etc. Please note that you need an paid account, otherwise the proxy will kick you off after a while.